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Sport-Specific Speed/Explosion Training Packages
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Sport-Specific Speed/Explosion Training Packages

The cost-efficient way to implement a perfect 12-week program!  Each package includes all needed equipment and a 12-week written program with all required drills and exercises plus DVD(s) that detail the drills for instant visualization and reinforecment.

  • The Ballistic Response Ladder develops foot spped, agility, body control, balance, and it separates into two 15' ladders
  • The Multi-Speed consists of a felxible 8' rubber tubing that stretches to 24', a padded belt and safety loop

Football Speed Package
 Includes: Ballistic Response Ladder, 8 lb Medicine Ball, Sprint Vest, Beaded Jump Rope, Explosive FB: Speed/Power DVD, Explosive FB: Quickness/Agility DVD, 12-week Football, Written Program

Baseball Speed Package
 Includes: Ballistic Response Ladder, 6 6" Performance Hurdles, Multi-Speed, Explosive Base: Speed/Power DVD, Explosive Base: Quickness/Agility DVD, 12-week Baseball Written Program

Softball Speed Package
 Includes: Ballistic Response Ladder, 6 6" Performance Hurdles, Multi-Speed, Explosive Softball: Speed/Power DVD, Explosive Softball: Quickness/Agility DVD, 12-week Softball Written Program

Basketball Speed Package
 Includes: Ballistic Response Ladder, Multi-Speed, Lateral Resistor, Beaded Jump Rope, Explosive BBK: Speed/Power DVD, Explosive BBK: Quickness/Agility DVD, 12-week Basketball Written Program

Soccer Speed Package
 Includes: Ballistic Response Ladder, 4 Kilo Standard Medicine Ball, Activator, Beaded Jump Rope, Explosive Soccer: Speed/Power DVD, Explosive Soccer: Quickness/Agility DVD,12-week Soccer Written Program

Track Speed Package
 Includes: Activator, Acceleration Ladder, Hand Weights, Speed and Acceleration DVD, 12-week Track Written Program

Volleyball Speed Package
 Includes: Ballistic Response Ladder, Multi-Speed, Super Speed Rope, Explosive VB: Speed/Power DVD, Explosive VB: Quickness/Agility DVD, 12-week Volleyball Written Program

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