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Aquaplast® Splinting Material
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Aquaplast® Splinting Material

Offers moderately resistant stretch with excellent duplication of detail. Softens in 1 minute in water heated to 160° to 170° F (70° - 75° C). Becomes transparent when soft, providing helpful cue that material is ready to mold and simplifying identification of landmarks during molding. Working time is as much as 7 minutes, depending on thickness of material. No lubrication of skin required while forming. No special treatment of heat pan water needed. 100% elastic memory permits repeated reheating and reshaping. Material cools to opaque white. Resists fingerprints and other surface marks. Coated for ease of handling and to prevent accidental bonding. Choice of thicknesses and perforation patterns allows for wide latitude in degree of support and ventilation. Thickness is 1/8".

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Item Qty Description Price
80361 Aquaplast® Splinting Material Aquaplast® Solid 18" x 24" / per sheet
Latex Warning

Aquaplast® Splinting Material
80363 Aquaplast® Splinting Material Aquaplast® 1% Perforated 24" x 36" / per sheet
Latex WarningAdditional Shipping Charge

Aquaplast® Splinting Material
A9631 Aquaplast® Splinting Material Single Sheet, Solid, Electric Blue, 1/8" x 18" x 24"
Aquaplast® Splinting Material
A96332 Aquaplast® Splinting Material 1/8" x 18" x 24"
Aquaplast® Splinting Material
A963461 Aquaplast® Splinting Material 13% UltraPerf™, Single, Electric Blue, 1/16" x 18" x 24"
Aquaplast® Splinting Material
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