Ansell Encore MicrOptic Latex Surgical Gloves, Powder-Free

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  • This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions.

  • For health reasons we are unable to accept returns or exchanges of hygiene products.

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  • Powder-free surgical gloves
  • Dexterity and tactile sensitivity for use
  • Anti-slip finish with inverted beaded cuff that grips and holds securely to surgical gowns
  • Curved finger shape enhances the fit and provides optimum comfort
  • Made of natural rubber latex which may cause irritation for people with latex sensitivities
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Brand Ansell


Perfect for Hospitals

These powder-free latex gloves are intended for use in delicate procedures such as ophthalmic, micro and cardiovascular. The Dermashield Technology internal coating allows for easy donning, even if the hands are damp or if an intraoperative changes. The gloves can be used as an under glove and the beaded cuff of the gloves enables the excess material of scrubs around the wrist to be tucked into the gloves. The brown color of the gloves prevents eye fatigue due to the minimal glare on the gloves from the surgical lights.

Flexible Control

The thin, soft latex enhances tactile movement and increases the sensitivity of the gloves, which helps with accuracy when it comes to delicate procedures. The outside of the glove is smooth with a micro-textured finish which allows for precision control, making these gloves some of the best for use in the operating room.

Comes in Multiple Sizes

To fit all hand sizes, these gloves are offered in 5 different sizes, all with moderate grip level. Each box of these gloves comes with 50 pairs per box. Encore gives surgeons the confidence to perform at their best when the stakes are at their highest.