FMxtractor 4

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  • This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions.

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  • Multipurpose rescue cutter is perfect for for cutting through shoulder pad straps, jerseys, laces, and other athletic equipment in case of emergency on the field
  • Linear slicing motion creates fewer leftover fragments
  • Includes a dual stage ratcheting mechanism, adaptive buttress, and cleaver blade for accurate and efficient slicing
  • Provides quick access to an injured athlete’s thorax and airways
  • O2 wrench opens oxygen tanks to initiate oxygen therapy during emergencies such as anaphylaxis, asthma, respiratory distress, or advanced cardiac life support
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FMxtractor 4

FMxtractor 4 is a practical tool for athletes, trainers, and coaches to keep on the sidelines in case of critical injury. The rescue cutter’s end-effectors are specially designed to unscrew traditional hardware as well as Ridell’s Quick-Release and Schutt’s Quarter-Turn facemask attachment systems. This safety tool can effortlessly slice through any material that stands in the way of lifesaving emergency procedures.

Efficient Emergency Assistance

This unique rescue cutter allows for quick, on-the-spot thoracic access for injured athletes who require immediate medical attention. It clears the area so defibrillation and CPR can be performed in the event of cardiac arrest or cessation of breathing. The FMxtractor features a quick-release function and quarter turn fastener to ensure a safe, speedy application. Replacement blades are available for purchase in packs of 3.

Rescue Cutter Features

This multipurpose tool contains a dual stage ratcheting mechanism that makes implementation easier. A sharp cleaver blade effortlessly cuts through all football masks, retainers, and various types of sporting equipment, while an O2 tank wrench attachment provides access to oxygen within seconds. Athletes can rest assured with the knowledge that emergency care can be administered at any time with the help of FMxtractor 4.