Kato Collar

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  • Designed to prevent the stretching of nerves in the neck and shoulders through deceleration of the head
  • Unlike traditional collars, the Kato Collar will not inhibit motion during practice or the big game
  • Helps protect from burners and stingers while featuring an unobtrusive design that allows full range of motion during play
  • Fits adult large, or larger, shoulder pads and as a rule of thumb is created for players weighing 175 lbs. or more
  • Constructed of durable, high-density polyethylene and hook and loop fasteners for added security
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Brand Guardian Athletics


On-Field Protection

With up to 30% increased protection, the Kato Collar decelerates movement of the head after a hit. Reduced head movement protects the players brain. When a player is hit, the brain moves within the skull. This initial strike can cause the brain to bounce against the skull leading to a concussion – the Kato Collar prevents this. The unique design reduces force that is believed to cause concussions and is nearly undetectable to the player. The kato collar sits under the players shoulder pads and will not limit range of motion during play.

The Kato Collar Difference

A patented design, lightweight feel, customizable form, and discreet construction combined creates the Kato Collar difference. The patented design features two stage deceleration that acts as an airbag for the brain. This design is unlike any form of protection easily available within the industry. The lightweight feel and composition is durable, long-lasting, and feather-light on the players shoulders. The player will not know the kato collar is on during practice or the big game. The customizable form of the Kato Collar allows the padding to be changed for fit, comfort, protection, and style. The discreet construction sits under the shoulder pads and enables active, full range motion.

How it Fits

The Kato Collar fits within most adult large, or larger, shoulder pads measuring 9 ½” in diameter across the plastic component. With the laces of the pads loosely fastened, fit the collar from beneath into the neck hole. To ensure the collar stays secularly in place during play, fasten the hook and loop strapping onto the bottom of the player’s shoulder pads.