Oval-8 Splints

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  • Simple design can be used to treat a variety of finger conditions
  • Made with translucent plastic that measures 1/16" (1.6mm) without any seams
  • Comes in an inexpensive kit that can be refilled
  • Puts the finger in up to 20° of flexion of hypertension
  • Non-latex
More Information
Brand Oval-8


Oval-8 Splints

Oval-8 Splints are simple to apply and can be used to treat a variety of finger conditions. The seamless design is comfortable and stabilizes DIP and PIP joints without immobilizing the fingers. This allows athletes to perform while getting adequate support.

Versatile Splinting Option

Oval-8 Splints are great for correcting lateral deviation, swan-neck deformity and flexible boutonniere deformity, and support mallet finger injury. They are also useful for preventing trigger finger.

Getting the Right Size

The splints come in sizes up to 15 and each splint can be turned around to increase the size by one half. This allows users to tweak the size to accommodate swollen or healing fingers. Not sure what size you need? Check out the Oval-8 Sizing Kit!