Pro Orthopedic Vice High Ankle Stabilizer

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Size  Fits Men's Shoe Size 
Small 6 - 9.5
 Medium  10 - 12.5
Large 13 - 15
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  • Designed to secure and support the ligaments affected by a high ankle sprain or syndesmosis injury
  • Tri-strap system and rear heel strap ensure proper foot positioning and alignment
  • Constructed from lightweight, breathable neoprene rubber
  • Features a high-density foam insert that promotes stabilization and prevents further straining
  • Available in left and right ankle designs and in three different sizes for the best possible fit
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Vice High Ankle Stabilizer

Pro Orthopedic Vice High Ankle Stabilizer effectively eases stress on an injured ankle by securing the distal tibia and fibula in place, preventing excessive movement while healing transpires. This ankle splint can be worn all day for maximum stress relief and support. Wear at work, on the go, and at rest while regaining your mobility and strength.

Optimal Comfort and Support

This lightweight ankle stabilizer fits comfortably under the wearer's shoe without drawing attention to itself. Its low-profile nature and supportive qualities allow the patient to go about his or her day uninhibited. The Pro Orthopedic stabilizer prohibits movements that will further harm the ankle and interfere with healing.

Ankle Splint Features

This brace is easily fitted to the ankle and just as easily removed. Its adjustable heel strap and wraparound hook-and-loop straps prevent the brace from slipping and keep the wearer's foot positioned properly while in use. Hand wash the splint with mild soap or laundry detergent after a few wears to keep it smelling fresh.