THERABAND Resistance Band Beginner Kit

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Beginner Kit

The THERABAND Resistance Band Beginner Kit is a set of three bands – Yellow, Red, and Green. These bands provide resistance in pounds ranging from 3.0 lbs. to 6.7 lbs. Made for beginners, use this set for strength training, muscle toning, and rehabilitation purposes. THERABAND Resistance Bands provide both positive and negative force on muscles and joints, and are designed to tone and condition all major muscle groups. Use these bands for upper and lower body exercises anywhere and at anytime.The lightweight and flexible design is excellent for traveling and is easy to store. The color-progressive system allows you to visually recognize improvement as it happens and encourages you to reach your goals.

Looking for a more intense workout? Try the THERABAND Resistance Band Advanced Kit!

Upper and Lower Body Exercises

The three progressive resistance bands offered in the THERABAND Resistance Band Beginner Kit are excellent for upper and lower body exercises. Upper body exercises include shoulder abduction, elbow kick back, upright row and reverse flies. A lower body exercise perfect for rehab and strength training of the lower body is a resistance band deadlift.

Color-Coded Progressive Resistance

The color-coded progressive resistance system is excellent for visually tracking progress and improvements. As you begin to strengthen and rehabilitate your muscles, move to the next resistance level. THERABAND Resistance Bands come in levels for users of all ages and fitness levels. As the exercise you are performing becomes easier, move to the next color.

Learn More about THERABAND: Proven Science, Trusted Performance

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  • Designed for upper and lower body resistance exercises and for toning, conditioning, strength training, or rehabilitating major muscle groups
  • Improves posture and cardiovascular fitness, increases motor function and strength, prevents falls, and decreases pain and blood pressure
  • Color progressive system allows you to visually recognize improvement and track your progress as your strength increases
  • Lightweight, portable, easy to store, and an alternative option to dumbbells and other weights
  • Available in latex and latex-free band options and recognized as the original system of progressive resistance training for over 25 years