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Anchors Capable of Resisting Heavy Loads

The THERABAND Vector provides a lightweight, portable alternative to cable-based machine exercises all while occupying zero floor space. The wall anchor, constructed with durable metal, attaches to most fitness racks for straps and handles. The door anchor is a nylon strap measuring 13” x 2” securely sewn to a 15” x 4.5” pad. The D-ring end slips easily through the buckle on the pad, allowing users to easily adjust the size.

Straps for a Variety of Exercises & Movements

The Long Torso Strap is a thick nylon, looped and stitched strap for added durability. Measuring 56" x 2.5", the D-ring makes this strap ideal for single and multi-vector strengthening and training. The Thigh Cinch Strap is a nylon strap, measuring 13" x 2" securely sewn to a 15 x 4.5" pad. The D-ring end slips easily through the buckle on the pad, allowing users to easily adjust the size.

Long Strap Loop Handle for Added Durability

The Long Strap Loop Handle is a black nylon, doubled-stitched loop handle for added durability. Five O-rings are sewn into the nylon at even intervals, allowing users to easily connect the strap at various lengths. Ideal for a variety of exercises and movements, the rubberized handle has slight rides to maximize comfort and grip.

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More Information
Brand THERABAND Vector
Performance Preferred Yes


  • Versatile accessories increase the amount of exercise individuals can do in combination with resistance bands and tubing
  • The straps and handles can be swapped to suit user’s needs, offering different exercise options
  • Designed for personal and professional use in gyms, physical therapy clinics, fitness centers to accommodate users of all ages and fitness levels
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, the door and wall anchor allow the vectors to fasten to chain-link fences, door frames, and support beams
  • The versatile resistance tubing system will need to be attached to an anchor point that is capable of resisting loads up to 440 lbs (200 kg)