ThermalSoft Hot and Cold Gel Packs

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  • This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions.

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  • Microwaveable & freezable gel packs
  • Large gel pieces
  • Double insulated vinyl covers
  • For home or clinic use
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Hot & Cold Gel Packs can be microwaved for heat therapy for frozen for cold therapy. Large gel pieces mold comfortably to the body during treatment, while the double insulated vinyl covers increase pack durability. Hot & Cold Gel Packs are for home or clinic use.

General Heating Guidelines*

Standard and Cervical Packs: heat for 4 minutes, then turn over the pack and heat another 2 minutes.
Half-Size Pack: heat for 3 minutes.
Extra-Large Pack: heat for 8 minutes, then turn over the pack and heat for another 2 minutes.

Monitor heating: If the pack starts to expand, turn off the microwave and let the pack cool. If the compress gets too hot, it could leak and/or burst. Carefully remove pack from microwave, and wrap several layers of towels around it. Make sure the pack is not too hot before placing on skin. As the pack cools, extra layers of towels may be removed. Do not leave the pack on the skin more than 20 to 25 minutes.

Instructions for Cold Therapy*

Allow a minimum of two hours for the pack to be stored in the freezer before using. Never use a pack that has been chilled below 0°F. Use a single piece of cloth to wrap around the pack, and test that the temperature isn’t too cold for the user. Do not leave the pack on the skin more than 30 minutes.

*For full Heating and Cold Therapy Instructions, see below PDF.