Cramer 950 Porous Athletic Tape

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  • Long-lasting athletic tape designed to prevent blisters and provide support to ankles, knees, wrists, other joints, and muscles
  • 100% cotton, latex-free, hypoallergenic, and skin-friendly for hours of support and protection
  • Computer calibrated to deliver a consistent unwind and to perform identically from roll to roll
  • Available in a variety of size and packaging combinations, and made for personal and professional treatments
  • Strong, comfortable, easy-to-tear tape provides excellent tensile strength and superior conformability
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Brand Cramer


Porous Athletic Tape

Cramer 950 Porous Athletic Trainer’s Tape is a porous, 100% cotton tape that features latex-free adhesive. This training tape is available in a variety of size options and is sold at an affordable price. Easy to tear, this tape is convenient for use at home or while traveling in your first aid kit, cabinet, or drawer. Use this premium athletic tape to support your joints and muscles. It’s deal for injury prevention and management during practices or games. Athletic tape helps reduce your risk of injury while on the field. Wear the tape while playing sports or exercising to help prevent sprains and strains. It can also be used to help stabilize your joints during recovery

Easy-to-Tear & Conforming Design

Porous tape is easy to tear and features a completely conforming design. Zinc Oxide tape is a favorite among several trainers, athletes, and clinicians. For better stick, use this athletic tape in combination with Cramer Tuf Skin Taping Base. To protect your skin from this athletic tape or for additional cushioning, use Cramer Pre-Wrap as a barrier between the tape and your skin.

Quality Adhesive

With quality adhesive and design, the Cramer 950 Porous Athletic Trainer’s Tape is excellent for multiple uses. Use this tape to prevent injury through support, to protect minor wounds, cuts, and scrapes from bacteria, and for preventing the formulation of blisters. The strong adhesive allows long-lasting wear for hours on end and is made to tolerate moisture in all weather conditions. Apply this athletic tape to clean, dry skin or use over under-wrap. Tape is a tool that athletic trainers should have in their kit.