Gatorade 2023 High School Performance Packages

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Gatorade Performance Package is only available to ship to High Schools

  • Elementary Schools, Middle Schools, Trade Schools, Colleges and Universities not eligible

  • Performance Packages are limited to 15 kits per high school
  • Provides the needed athletic training equipment and products to quench thirst, provide energy, and recover before, during, and after athletic competition
  • Packages include a variety of training equipment, energy bars, powders, and protein
  • Available in three different packages to meet all your athletes and teams needs
  • Due to supply shortages, select items may be temporarily unavailable

More Information
Brand Gatorade


Performance Package

The Gatorade Performance Package provides a premium package of water equipment, training supplies, powders, and bars to meet all the needs of an athletic team. The premium package includes:

  • (8) Cases of Gatorade® Protein Bars (96 servings)
  • (1) Case of Gatorade® Thirst Quencher Powder (14 - 6 gal bag) OR (3) Cases of Gatorade® Thirst Quencher Powder Sticks (240 - 16.9 oz.)
  • (8) Cases of Gatorade Recover® Shakes (96 servings) OR (8) Cases of Gatorade® 30g Protein Shakes (96 servings)
  • In addition, you can choose up to three of the seven other premium items. These options include: (1) 5 gallon cooler, (1) 10 gallon cooler, (1) 60 quart ice chest on wheels, (10) Gatorade towels, (24) Gatorade® contour bottles, (4) Gatorade® contour bottle carriers, and (1) case of 7 oz. cups (2,000/case)

Create Your Own

The Create Your Own performance package provides five options with the ability to choose two. When choosing your items they must consist of two different options.

The options in the Create Your Own package include:

  • Option 1: (1) Case of 7 oz. cups AND choice of (1) Case of Gatorade® Thirst Quencher Powder (14 - 6 gal bag) OR (3) Cases of Gatorade® Thirst Quencher Powder Sticks (240 - 20 oz.)
  • Option 2: (10) Cases of Gatorade® Recover Shakes (120 servings) OR (10) Cases of 11 oz. Gatorade® Super Shakes (120 servings)
  • Option 3: (10) Cases of Gatorade® Protein Bars (120 Servings)

Refuel & Restore

The Refuel and Restore performance package is ideal to replenish your team’s inventory and thirst. The package includes:

  • (1) Case of Gatorade® Thirst Quencher Powder (14 - 6 gal bags) OR (3) Cases of Gatorade® Thirst Quencher Powder Sticks (240 - 16.9 oz. sticks)
  • (1) Case of 7 oz. Cups (2,000 cups/case) OR (24) Gatorade® Contour Bottles


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