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Game Ready
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  • Lower body accessories compatible with the Game Ready Control Unit are designed to provide aid and relieve discomfort caused by sports injuries to the lower body, through the use of ACCEL Technology (Active Compression and Cold Exchange Loop)
  • The Game Ready Control Unit is a natural and revolutionary machine that combines cold therapy and compression aimed towards reducing pain, swelling, and muscles spasms, improving lymphatic function, and promoting tissue repair
  • Multiple sleeve and wrap accessories accommodate an array of lower body injuries, including those on the ankles, hips, groin, knees, and lower legs (accessories sold separately)
  • Portable system can be easily transported by patients, athletes, athletic trainers, doctors, physical therapists, and sports teams, bringing revolutionary healing aids to the office, the court, the field, and even the home
  • By naturally enhancing the body’s repair tactics, athletes, and patients are able to return to play faster after an injury or surgery
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Brand Game Ready
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Game Ready

Beyond passive cold and compression applications, Game Ready has the proactive power to help heal. The design features ACCEL (Active Compression and Cold Exchange Loop), which combines active compression and cold therapy in one revolutionary treatment system. Game Ready offers the therapeutic power to enhance lymphatic function, encourage blood flow, and help stimulate tissue repair. For acute musculoskeletal injury and post-op recovery, go with the new standard of care — Game Ready.

ATX Wrap Technology

Game Ready’s dual-action Active Temperature Exchange (ATX) Wraps are made to deliver effective compression and continuous hot or cold therapy. ATX Wraps feature two internal chambers, one filled with air and the other filled with water. This design allows continuous and simultaneous hot or cold compress and therapy. ATX Wraps are anatomically engineered for specific body parts, feature a low-profile design, and covers more surface area than traditional hot and cold therapy wraps. The active compression is more effective when compared to traditional compression, and is used to stimulate natural muscle contractions for tissue repair. Consistent temperatures encourage safe pain reduction and swelling in a drug-free form.

Game Ready Sleeves

Game Ready Sleeves are affordable wraps made to be placed around your ATX Wrap, but not sold in place of the ATX Wrap. External Game Ready Sleeves are compatible with the ATX Wrap and must be used in combination with the inner heat exchangers for more functional application. Sleeves feature zippered openings and hook and loop closures to provide a secure and effective fit.

Lower Body Equipment

The Game Ready System offers multiple accessories to aid in the reparation and pain reduction of ankle injuries, including but not limited to: sprains/strains, fractures, tendon ruptures/tears, bone spurs, and plantar fasciitis. Both the Ankle Wrap and the Ankle Sleeve have a universal fit for either foot. Apply a hip and groin compression wrap to recover from a variety of injuries, including sprains and strains, fractures, hemiarthroplasty, and hip replacements. The Hip/Groin Wrap and Sleeve fit body types up to a 72” waist. Left and right sides are sold separately.

After a ligament tear, tendonitis, knee replacement surgery, or any other cause of knee pain, apply a Game Ready Knee Compression Wrap. Wraps and sleeves are available in both Articulated Knee and Straight Knee options that are a universal fit for either leg. The Half-Leg Compression Wrap covers the entire foot up through the lower leg, just below the knee cap. Both the wrap and the sleeve are a universal fit for either leg and accommodate women’s shoes up to size 13 and men’s shoes sizes 6-11. Due to the large coverage, it can be applied to extensive injuries in the calf, foot, and ankle.

Clinically Proven Benefits

Game Ready products are made to deliver clinically proven benefits. Use Game Ready ATX Wraps for effective cold and compression therapy, heat therapy, contrast therapy, and intermittent pneumatic compression therapy. Cold therapy is used to reduce blood flow, inflammation, muscle spasms, and metabolic demand while safely relieving pain. Heat therapy increases circulation, stimulates natural healing, and reduces muscle stiffness and pain. Contrast therapy increases blood flow to an injury without causing additional swelling, and is designed to help lower nerve sensitivity. Intermittent pneumatic compression therapy provides continuous, consistent pressure around the injury, reduces space available for inflammation, and enhances tissue healing.