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  • Electronic muscle conditioning device that serves as the foundation to muscle conditioning and recovery, and is designed for athletes of all levels and non-athletes
  • Reduces muscle fatigue and allows a quicker return to playing or training
  • Maximizes training results by improving the recovery process for high school, college, and professional athletes
  • Features dynamic decaying waveforms that comfortably contracts muscles and then slowly releases them over a period of time
  • Active recovery allows broken down muscles caused by strenuous training and athletic activity to rebuild even stronger
More Information


Marc Pro and Marc Pro Plus

The Marc Pro and Marc Pro Plus are electrical stimulation units designed to manage muscle recovery and rehabilitation. Unlike traditional muscle stimulators, Marc Pro and Marc Pro Plus do not use harsh muscle contractors, but instead uses patented technology to create non-muscle fatiguing contractions. These contractions result in a faster, fuller recovery, maximized training results, injury prevention, and improved conditioning. The Marc pro and Marc Pro Plus are intended for muscle conditioning by stimulating weak, overworked, or injured muscles in order to improve muscle performance. The Marc Pro Plus takes stimulation to the next level and can also be used for temporary pain relief associated with sore or aching muscles due to strain. Active recovery is the answer to keeping your muscles nourished, hydrated, and rested. The Marc Pro and Marc Pro Plus offers active recovery that provides strength gains during muscle recovery. This is accomplished through four factors that regulate muscle recovery: the bringing in of nourishment and other supplies, the removal of waste, and the remodeling of the repaired tissue.

Benefits For Everyone

In addition to accelerating the recovery process, use Marc Pro to improve overall muscle performance in two ways. The first includes decreasing downtime between workouts. This unit allows you to increase muscle development through a disciplined training program. The second includes increasing the overall nourishment of your muscles. From elite athletes to individuals working a nine-to-five shift, the Marc Pro and Marc Pro Plus is for you! Regardless of who you are and what your day-to-day life entails, your body works to keep up with the demands of life. Almost everyone overworks their muscles and overtime these muscles begin to break down. By using the Marc Pro a few nights a week you will condition these muscles before they break down.

Included Accessories - Everything You Need For Recovery

The Marc Pro and Marc Pro Plus include everything you need for effective muscle performance and recovery. Included in addition to the unit itself are six packages of electrodes, two lead wires, one recharger, a user manual, and a durable carrying case. The electrodes and leadwires offer exceptional current distribution. The durable carrying case allows you to take your unit on-the-go or protects the unit and accessories while not in use.