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Progression Levels from Extra Thin (2.4 lbs/1.3 kg) to Max (14.2 lbs/6.5 kg)

THERABAND Engineered Progression LevelsTHERABAND Engineered Progression Levels
THERABAND Exercise BandsTHERABAND Exercise Bands

Traditional Resistance Bands


Perfect for strength training and rehabilitation! Plus, they don't take up a lot of space in your athletic training room.

Why Should You Choose THERABAND for Your Elastic Resistance Products

THERABAND offers Proven Science, Trusted Performance and is the originator and creator of the Trusted Progression™ System. Discover why that difference provides clinicians with the confidence to help their patients progress in their recovery.

Resistance Band Innovation with THERABAND CLX
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THERABAND CLX resistance bands with loops offer a more comfortable exercise experience.

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THERABAND CLX at Home Workout

High Resistance Bands


Offering 15-50 lbs. of resistance, these bands are a great addition for elite athletes who are ready to progress past standard resistance levels.

Dynamic Resistance BandsDynamic Resistance Bands



A game-changing portable resistance training system, THERABAND VECTOR offers 10-100 lbs. of resistance with just the twist of a dial using THERABAND tubing and Kevlar strings.

In the past, I’ve used several different brands of resistance bands without putting much thought into which brand I was using. But recently I went back to using the real THERABAND exercise tubing with handles and new resistance loops, and I realized that there was a big difference. Sometimes you forget how superior THERABAND is to the competition. It is worth the extra pennies to go for the real THERABAND products. There is no comparison to the feel and quality of resistance that they provide.”

Athletic Trainer