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Nanosil™ Antimicrobial Spray Gel
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Nanosil™ Antimicrobial Spray Gel

Powerful formula with pure silver nano particles treats infection, promotes wound healing anywhere – including mouth, and ears.
  • Kills MRSA, staph, 650+ other harmful bacteria – 99.7% within 2 minutes
  • Kills fungi, yeasts and inhibits their re-growth
  • Reduces pain of cuts, burns, abrasions, skin tears; aids in tissue repair
  • Induces collagen formation, accelerating skin healing; reduces risk of scarring
  • Applies as liquid, reforms as non-elastic gel, improving penetration of sub-dermal soft tissues
  • Kills catalytically – bacteria cannot develop resistance
  • Protects wound site up to 4 hours from single application
  • Non-toxic, odorless, colorless, tasteless with no side effects
  • Easily applied – just shake, spray, apply as often as needed

An Independent Laboratory Test Found:

  • 91.6% of MRSA killed at 10 minutes
  • 98.8% of MRSA killed in 30 minutes
  • 99.5% of MRSA killed in 1 hour

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